Williams Group Marketing + Design
  • December 2nd

    Friends and Associates,

    I want to share with you some changes going on at Williams Group and TAGS Awards & Specialties.

    By the end of this year, Williams Group will no longer offer in-house web design and branding services.

    As TAGS continues to expand and grow, Brenda and I are shifting my responsibilities over to the TAGS side of the business.  We have opened a second TAGS showroom in Tacoma and we are also expanding our production capabilities within the Olympia TAGS location.  TAGS continues to be a regional leader for trophies and awards, as well as a number of other services including name tags, engraved gifts, plastic signage, ADA/Braille signs, rubber stamps, flags and more.  We are also one of the region’s largest ad specialty and wearables suppliers, and we will continue to build these areas of the business.

    With my focus shifting, we’ve decided to phase out in-house web design and branding at Williams Group.  While Williams Group will stay in place, our focus there will be internet marketing as well as some marketing consultation and video production.

    I’m pleased to report that Andrew DeSumma, one of lead designers for over 12 years, is starting his own design firm called Diventare Creative in December, and he will be able to assist Williams Group clients with current and future projects.  This will allow our clients a seamless transition as Andrew knows the history on virtually all our accounts.  Andrew will continue work at Williams Group into December and we will transition accounts during the month.

    The design team has been aware of this change and is seeking new employment.  In December, Jeff Spohn will start a new job as Art Director at a media agency in Seattle, and Elisa Stippich has already begun work as a Graphic Designer for WSECU in Olympia.  Peggy Buckham will stay with us for a few months, but plans to pursue web development work in Seattle, Tacoma or Redding, California.  All three are excited about their new opportunities.

    If you have a current project with us, you need not worry.  All current projects are being completed and all client project files will remain safely on Williams Group servers.  We encourage you to work with Andrew and his new firm, but you are also welcome to have copies of your project files.  If you choose this option, please email me and I’ll let you know how much space the files require and I’ll simply ask you to bring me a flash drive or external hard drive so we can transfer files easily. (An internet transfer of files is not my preference as most of the client files are very sizable and can be problematic when transferred electronically.)

    If your website is hosted with us, your site remains in good hands.  We will continue to host your account without interruption.  Andrew will manage any hosting needs you have and invoices for hosting will come from TAGS/Williams Group through June 30. After June 30, invoicing for these accounts will come from Diventare Creative but there will be no actual changes taking place with your hosting account.  No action is required for hosting accounts.

    Brenda and I appreciate all the client relationships we have built over the past 20 years with Williams Group.  We look forward to continuing to serve you for many years to come at TAGS.